75 Tribal villages in Jharkhand, India

Of all the charity projects we have undertaken, this one is special to us and we are especially proud to be associated with it.

When we became aware of this tribal area, we realized that we could do a lot for them. Our first action was to fund education for children and adults. Our thinking was this would better prepare them for the modern world. It will get them access to better opportunities, which will allow them to thrive in their own environment.

As we learned more about their lives, we realized that our understanding of their needs was so far from the ground reality.

   People in the village did not have two sets of clothes to change into.
  During Winter, the temperature dropped to 20 degree , they don’t even have individual blankets to cover themselves
  Some actually dug holes in the ground and covered themselves with leaves to stay warm in the night

Their tenacity and will power was a welcome surprise to us.

It was important for them to realize:

  Someone out there cares for them
  They can live their life everyday without so much pain
  The world out there has the means to support and take care of their basic needs
  It is important for their fellow human beings to do something, anything for them
  Their fellow human beings let them live with dignity

We also realized that it takes as little as only $2 to buy a Dhoti (trouser for me) and $3 a sari (dress for women) and $6 to buy a quilt for each person

Our organization has pledged that:

  By the next winter everyone will have another pair of clothes and a quilt
  A doctor will continue visiting them to provide basic medical service and healthcare awareness
  They will have access to basic medication, such as cough syrup, pain medication and band aid for wounds (which they currently lack)

This year we will focus on providing the bare necessity for them and then we will focus on education and future betterment opportunities.

If you are interested in supporting this cause, email us at Charity@ARKSolutionsInc.com