Orphanage for Girls, DehraDun, India

Orphanage for Girls, DehraDun, India

During an event, the CEO of ARK Solutions, Inc. Anuj Khurana had the good fortune of being introduced to a group of retired engineers. During the course of the conversations, one of the engineer’s wife Mrs. Ahuja, featured prominently in the conversation.

This was in reference to an orphanage in dire need of help.

Mrs. Ahuja, a homemaker for most of her married life, had a desire to help children in need all her life. She now had the time to dedicate to them that they deserved as her husband had retired and her children had moved on with their lives.

She had come across an orphanage, which had been helping children for the last 50 years. Lack of support over the years to the orphanage had led to its near demise. Her desire to help children and look of desperation on the children’s face made, enforced her desire to help them.

She was ready to put in the effort and we were ready to support her with her endeavors.

She took the role of the Director of the Organization and us committing to support her, started a simple process of turning around a 50 yr old Orphanage for young girls with a capacity of 50.

Less than 2 yrs later, the place has undergone a complete transformation.

  The kids have uniforms and are going to school
  They are provided with 3 meals a day
  They have comfortable beds to sleep, Hot water via Solar Water Heaters
  They have shoes they can play in
  They have the support from local organizations, local families and us

The One thing, which shone out – Their dreams to become teachers, doctors, engineers and even Tennis Players

  The old structure looks strong and smells of fresh paint again.
  New structures been built to include an Assembly Hall and new bathrooms.

The local community is providing financial and moral support way beyond expectations. What started as a tough job for Mrs Ahuja to rejuvenate an old organization turned out to be easier than imagined!

With 50 lives changed forever, we will cherish this project for a long time.

If you are interested in supporting this cause, email us at charity@ARKSolutionsInc.com.