School for Tribal Kids in Jharkhand, India

It is our great pleasure and honor to share the opening of a school at Hazaribagh, Jharkhand India.

As part of our initiative within the adivasi villages and our wish to bring about a change to the lives of people via education and healthcare, this is one small step.

On this 64th independence day of India, few kids from this village will begin a fabulous journey to a bright and prosperous future.

The school in the villages is:

  Built on 2.5 acres of land
  Has 3 teachers and 45 girls are enrolled
  Provides 3 meals a day at no cost
  School has facilities for them to live there and grow up in an excellent environment

This will allow them an opportunity to become role models for their family and friends to learn from.

“This is a dream come true. When we started this project, I was hoping but was not sure when this will happen. We will make wonders happen from here. Nothing is impossible if we can get support from society,” says the School Director, Shri Krishna Prasad.

Many kids want to enroll but right now, we have started small and are looking to expand very soon. We plan to make the school as a hub for organizing educational activities in the villages. These activities are to go beyond the educational curriculum.

We are always looking to bring more organizations to support our initiative and expand it beyond its current reach.

The cost to sponsor 1 child is $25/month. The school has a capacity to add additional 50 kids

If you are interested in sponsoring a child, please email us at