Federal Services

Technology in government machine is slow but ever evolving. In recent times, governments have been evolving rapidly and moving towards a leaner functioning entity. The government’s IT needs are varied and complex. To implement complex solutions, government has a continuous need for skilled technical people to implement new systems, upgrades, enhancements. Government is looking for an integrator who is able to turnaround a project in the shortest timeframe with minimum drain on the financial resources. Government is looking for a partner who can commit people to a solution to better the government’s mission. A partner, who has the past performance and the experienced team to back its implementation solution.

ARK Solutions, Inc. is a Women Owned Small Business founded in 2003 headquartered in the Washington DC metro area. ARK Solutions, Inc. established itself in the IT industry with our ERP solutions. ARK Solutions, Inc. expanded is services for State and Local governments’ opportunities. ARK was able to achieve and sustain a 94% award rate at winning state and local government proposals. Some of our state and local contracts we won The State of Texas (DIR), City of Phoenix, The State of Florida, Nova Scotia, The State of South Carolina, and Nova Scotia. ARK Solutions, Inc. is a GSA  IT 70 schedule contract holder. ARK Solutions, Inc. is currently working with big system integrators on numerous federal opportunities such as the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Interior and the National Science Foundation, etc

ARK Solutions, Inc. has a clear understanding of the challenges that are faced by the government when meeting their IT goals and there actual IT needs. Based on our experience with federal, state and local government, our four services areas cover the gamut of technology domains required to support a leaner modern government. Our four service areas area:

  Enterprise IT Solutions
  Information Assurance
  Business Process Management
  Integration competency

ARK Solutions, Inc. service offerings provide a 360-degree view of IT that supports governments’ and our partners’ needs. We have designed our services in a manner that they add a value proposition for our clients.

ARK Solutions, Inc. strives to be a one-stop technology solution provider for our clients. We are able to commit resources from the planning, Implementation, delivery to Post production support. ARK Solutions, Inc. has a stellar past performance record in the industry, which validates our capabilities. We are poised to lead or team to support the government mission on a mutually beneficial opportunity. ARK Solutions, Inc. is able to bring to table a flexible price options in conjunction with a rapid turnaround model to support requirements not just in ERP but also in other non-ERP areas. ARK Solutions, Inc. has a stellar past performance record in the industry for our partners to leverage and utilize for proposals capture. ARK Solutions, Inc. with its deep-rooted industry experience, verified methodologies, established business process, comprehensive resources, and a proven record of accomplishment, can mobilizes the right people, skill sets and technologies to help clients improve their performance.


  • Incorporated 2003
  • Headquartered at Reston, VA
  • Certified Woman Owned Small Business
  • On GSA IT 70 Schedule Contract # GS-35F-0069X
  • DUNS # 139654169
  • CAGE # 5B6G2
  • ORCA & CCR Registered
  • SAP Services Partner
  • Prime to commercial, state & local clients
  • Multiple sub to prime relationships
  • Over 85% of our consultants are certified in their technology
  • Rated by Inc 500. for the past 3 years running